Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things that ive done recently...

My Grandma Darlene and I got tattoos together!
Heres mine, its one of three!

Burning Man...

Its and experience.. Ill never miss a year!

My boyfriend Jordan & I in front of some art!

Some friends I went with. Hangin out before the man burnt!

I went to a vineyard in Nevada city,CA w/ my boyfriends family.

The Vineyard, isnt it pretty?

Cathing Up!

My BEST Friend & I!!!

So... I was talking to my Grandma Anne on the phone yesterday and she told me about this blogging business!
So now I'm doing it. I figured after i looked at every ones blogs that there would be no better way to catch up with my family! That I miss so much!
Every one has so many kids now I cant even keep track!

So this is whats going on with me...
My mom and ex-stepdad are getting divorced so now my mom and I are roomies.
We are renting a beautiful house in Fernley, fully landscaped, so guess who mows the lawn!lol
I have started school yet but if things go as planned ill be attending WNCC next semester!
woo hoo!